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Let's try this again...

Dear Reader.  This is my first blog post on this website, ever. And, it's my first blog post on any of my past websites in over a decade. My first ever website, which dated back to 2006 or so, had all sorts of journal/blog entries, stories, show listings, photos, music players, links to my Myspace page and pretty much anything and everything I thought was share-worthy. (Likely much of it I'd now cringe at having so openly blathered on about and linked to.) One sad (maybe blessed?) day, that old website crashed. Despite countless unanswered emails and phone calls to remote places in Russia, the site was never recovered. Countless blog posts and mile long "past show" listings are likely still floating around in cyberspace. It was lesson in non-attachment and what it takes to begin again. I had to start over. Which I did. First with a new site and new variations of it every couple of years. Throughout that process, I'd get busy with other things (and/or discouraged about music and the creative process). The site would collect dust in between bursts of creative output and hope. It's just in the last year or so that I've kept it (more or less) tidy and updated. And very recently, I thought I'd like to start bloggin' again.

So, here goes... My first blog post in almost a decade! It goes without saying that blogging and the internet have changed greatly in the past 10+ years. This blog won't be a typical one with listicles, recipes, affiliates or travel advice. It will just be a place for me to get my thoughts out, share projects and show info, and talk about art that moves me, life and the creative process. Here goes nothing! (Or something!) Thank you for reading! xo, Carrie Day

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