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Friends! You are here. That means you are right beside me as I find my second (or maybe third or fourth) on this crazy music making path.

"Almost Poetry" is on the new album Something To Believe In. You can download it for free as many times as you like. (Just type 0.00 in the price field.) You can share it with your friends! It is my gift to you. And to them.

If you'd like to purchase "Almost Poetry", note that you get to name your price. If you choose to purchase, please know that you are helping me move forward in my journey as a songwriter, musician and recording artist. I'm super grateful for you.

The new album is coming out on November 16, 2019, right here on my site and on all digital platforms.

Enjoy the track. I recommend a quiet room and headphones. and lots of coziness. 

Carrie Day

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