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"Last Night" is my latest single and is out now on

Bandcamp and YouTube

Carrie Day 2019.jpeg

Sidewalk Serenade Concerts

COVID has cancelled all of our summer festivals and most of our fun.


But I've worked out a safe work-a-round...


I'll come to your neighbourhood and sing to you and

your neighbours.


I'll bring a battery powered amp and set up on the sidewalk. You and your neighbours can enjoy from a distance.


No hassles, no fuss. Just some good ol' fashioned (safe) fun.

Contact me with your questions and to secure a date! I look forward to singing for you!

Something To Believe In

out now

Order your copy of Something To Believe In in  CD format or digital album.

Also available on your favourite streaming platforms.

Thank you for purchasing and listening to independent music.

Thank you to my dear Patrons on Patreon.♡♡♡

Without you, I couldn't do what I do.


Carrie Day

Someday - Carrie Day
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Every Single Second - Carrie Day
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Heart So Weary - Carrie Day
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“There’s a real sense of raw passion in the singer’s delivery, reflecting the sincerity and real-life inspiration. Listen closer and you’ll hear some serious songcraft going on too, because Day has a talent for finding melodic hooks to hang her words on.”

- Roger Levesque, Edmonton Journal

Your Event

Hi! I'm a musician, singer-songwriter, storyteller and performer.


I cover a broad range of songs and also am classically trained on piano. I can tailor my performance to suit your event's style and needs.

Whether it's a corporate gathering, private house concert, festival or wedding, I've got you covered.

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